Winter’s in full swing, and we might be short on daylight, but that’s no reason to feel dreary! Vampire Diaries alumna Nina Dobrev showed us how to brighten our day during her snowboarding trip by bringing a little color into the drab landscape with a colorful outfit.


Dobrev shared her recent excursion to Aspen on Instagram with snaps from the ski lift showing her in a bright white and The 28-year-old captioned her Insta post, “Snow bunnies and tipsy elves” with the clever hashtag, “#ASPENdingTooMuchTimeWithYouGuys.”

Nina Dobrev Brought Sunshine to the Slopes in Her Rainbow Snow Jacket

The colorful snowsuit is the Sunrise Shredder Ski Suit ($225) courtesy of Tipsy Elves (they’re best known for their ugly Christmas sweaters!), and is still available online.

Dobrev went with a group of friends and posted other captures from the trip on Twitter, including  a video where she lands a trick like a boss. Now that’s reason enough to feel chipper!



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